Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blogging Is A Risk.

Huhu. I've told u so what. Many-many time wo. I'm sure i've read this thing sumwhere. And now its becoming my own nightmare.

The article i've read describe how people share their intimate or personal secret on the internet easily, in the so call this-diary-is-only-4-me-coz-no-one-bother-to-read-it BLOG.Alas,think again ma fren.

Employers argue in the article that the posts from sumone's blog can seriously backfire during job interviews. The article also noted that once u post sumthing personal on ur blog,there's a big chance that a search engine had already cached it in their system. Deleting the post later is proven far too late.

And i think u guys can guess what already happen.Check this out:

Link: Google results on Saraya Arbi.

Ma blog is on the 2nd or 3rd page (depends on ur google's preferences) for God sake. With all the real names!!!111!1! y@aLL thi5 i5 s3ri0u5 shitznit fo shizzle!111!1!

I've deleted the post, but see this ma brothers -> Google's Cache.

Moral of da story: Don't blog.Get a pet instead.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lina Joy aka Azlina Jailani

This high class lawsuit of a convert made it to Yahoo again. *sigh*.

This lawsuit is basically challenging the country's constitution, but the malays are more worried about their rights (Hak-hak Orang Melayu).In my opinion,they should just change it to Muslim's Right (Hak-hak Orang Islam).Just think about the benefits.Flocks of citizen would happily convert into Islam,just to sip a tiny weeny drops of national benefits,which was previously given only to the malays.Maybe the flood that hit the country is a sign from above.

August 13

For Islamic scholars, Joy cannot win.

Source: Yahoo News Singapore

January 11

"We see this as something which is unacceptable, something which is a threat to the socio-religious harmony of the country."said Yusri Mohammed, the president of the influential Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia.

Source: Yahoo News Asia

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My so called Flatrate Internet

Internet is so slow lah.Why oh why?.Long gone is my 1-month school holiday,huhu,and none of my movies is gonna finish downloading at this rate.argh.Just when my streamyx finally changed back to flatrate.huhu.

No single cable has been fully repaired till now, Walters said.


Oh noooooooo....

such a slowly speed
and its mine
the most slowest speed in my life

such a crappy line
should be banned
it's a line that i can't stand

the most slowest speed in my life
the most crappiest speed in my life

such a bad torrent
shouldn't exist
it's a day that i'll never miss

and if its slow,i don't wanna slow with you
and if its broken,i don't wanna fix it for you
take your line and fix it away

such a slowest line
and its mine
it's the day that i'm glad i survived

-Lonely Day:System of A Down-
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