Friday, September 26, 2008

The Money Hoax

Have you ever wondered why the government introduced The Rounding Up system for financial transaction? And why the government gives public awareness campaign about Malaysian Deposit Insurance Corporation (PIDM) exactly during America's slow economy?

Have you even heard about Northern America new currency called the Amero?

Well watch the following vids and think hard...coz i'm pretty exhausted rite now to explain it ^^,

More vids on Youtube and WebofDebt and DemocracyNow.

The US

Bush clueless about $4 gas prices!

I just notice the video's date was Feb 28. Damn, i really need to catch up. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My bucket list ...

... during this raya break.

1. Download, download, and download some more.
2. Refer no.1.
3. Check if no.2 is done correctly.
4. Chill out while waiting for no.3 to finish.

5. Curse for blocking Malaysia ergo slowing no.1.
6. Curse Firefox 3 for not letting RealPlayer do no.1 anymore.
7. Curse for crappy update resulting in no.6.

Monday, September 01, 2008

This is my blog...

...and i'll write whatever i want.ditto.

Since i'm too lazy to summarize an article i've read from someone used to be my dear, i'll just paste it here.

7 Reasons Why You Don't Wanna Be My Boyfriend

  • Even standing at 164 cm I have an affinity for (very) high heels. So unless you are 175 cm or above, just forget the idea of being my boyfriend.
  • I can't stand (too) romantic cooing or person. It makes me tingle, not in a good way. Moderate amount of occasionally romantic gesture is highly appreciate though.
  • I have annoying habits of cutting people's talk. And changing the topics into mine. Or jumping topics from one to another.
  • I am not your typical sweet soft-spoken innocent girly girl. And never will be.
  • I am blunt. I speak my mind, most of the time.
  • I don't want to be with someone who refuses to acknowledge me as his girlfriend to his friends and (if not) his family.
  • I can't tolerate with someone who has jealous, controlling traits and bad-tempered.
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