Saturday, August 25, 2007


ok i wanna introduced a new blog label, n it is all about tech.

recently i found a marvelous little program, n i used it to download tons of stuff, especially Korean stuff. it is called Veoh.

i can download at full speed, day n night, not like some other p2p (utorrent in m'sia? duh.). n the quality is acceptable.

give it a try, n don't forget the downloader: Veoh.

Bad Boyz

i'm so tired of being a nice guy. coz nice guys finish last. n guess what, it is so fucking true. especially in a country i called home.

when u r nice on the road,they drive u crazy.
when u r nice in fastfood restaurant, they cut ur queue.
when u r nice to ur classmates, they stole ur work.
when u r nice to the lectures,they ignored u.
when u r nice to the girls,they control u like a queen.
when u r nice to the boys,well..emm...nothing here,coz i never met a jerk yet :-p

and the worst thing, i'm not even in the working industry yet. always wonder how do working people survive out there.hmm..

guess i wanna give the term "bad boyz" a try.

currently listening to:

Nelly Furtado - Maneater

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oh Malasnye...

Oh malasnye nak update menatang ni.huhu.

May - Exam. Semester yang paling memenatkan. Penat sangat sampai 2 clasmates repeat sem n 2 lagi drop kolej (??). Last2 clasmates tinggal 9 org. Sama mcm kat 1 tmpt aku penah belajar dulu. Buhsan and malas.

June- Cuti. Cuti yang paling memenatkan. Penat sbb dok donlod+makan+kenyang+tido jah.

July- New Semester. Ini lg malas. Sape yg rajin nk masuk kelas. New subjects, new lecturers but same ol habit. Lecturer malas buat kelas, bdk2 pn malas nk masuk kelas. Budusla, RM6.5k per sem tuh. Investment down the drain. Dahla check pointer dpt 3.8 je. jeee. Lagila malas nk start kelas. i cannot afford 3.8! there's no point coming home and then this..! Demmit.

August - Busy. Sibuk melayan si.cacat . And sibuk berlagak kaya padahal ptptn xde. Dah 3 kali apply tu. Hutangku sudah mencecah RM20k(!). Sehinggakan bapakku Shaharoni terpaksa menggunakan connectionnye. YB Sabak Bernam(!). huhu. Aku terasa gov conspiracy lah. U know, pakatan JPA + PTPTN. Demmit.

So pendek kata, aku mmg sorg bdk yg malas, seperti shin chan =)

Oh btw, i've been meaning to post this vclip long ago, ever since that historical day:

Rot in hell!

Oh, one more thing, to my secret admirer. i've a series of questions to ask u. u can answer in the comment section. =)

#1 How long have u been admiring me?

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