Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sing with me - "i want to fly".

I live in an apartment in Bandar Sri Damansara. Although it is called Apartment Aman Satu, it is actually my college's hostel. It's a cosy hostel, despite of the scary lif which don't have any light bulbs anymore, and despite of the many suicide cases happening in this neighbourhood.

There is one case that happen next to my block. Hell even my own apartment have its history of people jumping out of the window. Thank god that poor guy is still alive in ICU.

Back to the story. I was away when it happen and Chinese New Year was coming. The story i heard from the guys next block goes like this. There was a guy/girl, who was happily singing at the window. He/she was singing I want to fly and bam!! down goes that poor guy/girl. She fell from the 9th floor onto the top of Nissan Sunny. I don't know what happen next. Maybe he/she is still alive somewhere in a hospital. Or maybe he/she will come back haunting us, singing I want to fly...weeeeee....

What happen when stock-st+c=?

It all happen during QAM class.My Chinese lecturer for QAM likes to speak English with proper pronunciation. She likes to speak every word clearly and proudly.

One day, while the whole class was wondering what the hell is the lecturer talking about, process control blablabla, when suddenly she said cxck instead of stock.

Surprisingly enough, no one notice, or pretend not to. Not even a slight giggle. Maybe my classmates have fallen asleep already. It is past beyond noon, and the air conditioner is calling for us like a soothing wave of breeze. Or maybe because she said stock almost in light speed after she said the c word. Or maybe...just maybe..they all have the same thought, that she must be very horny teaching a whole class full of young boys.lolz.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open Loop

This post is not about the open loop test from any electrical subject. I just need the answer 4 da following question:

Newton said:

With every action, there is a reaction.

But i say:

I'm an open person. But how come everytime i share sumthing wif frens, there is no similar reaction coming from them?

And Kirchoff said:

The sum of voltage in a closed loop must equal to zero.

But i say:

Other people knew more about me but i knew nothing of them.Am i being kept ouside the loop?

Again, i didn't hope the reader understand this post, coz this is my gibberish heaven afterall.

Four Point 0

Praise Allah the All Mighty.Why do people call it flat? I still can't understand it. They should call it 'four extravaganza', or 'four point o is da bomb'.lolz.Though the system of assignment+quiz+presentation+test+final is new to me, but it is a really really nice system lah. Wish me good luck this semester (semester 4) too, aight mate?
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