Saturday, November 18, 2006

MP3 Player hacks ATM machine.

Computer expert Maxwell Parsons beat banking security systems by bugging cash machines with portable music players. He secretly attached portable MP3 players at the back of freestanding ATMs so he could illegally tap into telephone lines used by customers during transactions. As bank details and pin numbers were punched in, data was recorded onto Parsons' MP3 players.

The fraudsters then used specialised software from the Ukraine or Canada to translate the stolen data into a readable format. Using other technology, Parsons was able to use the data to re-encode and clone a number of cards.

A similar fraud had been carried out in Malaysia by other conmen which was said to have crippled the country's banking system.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Hmm. Note the news date. Did this scam really happened in Malaysia?

Sunday, November 05, 2006


raya thn ni semcm la.asal sume org leh x tgk pengumumam raya kt sume org dh tau raya bile.mcm sume org ada 6th sense + superhuman eyes leh zoom langit dr celah lobang dinding jamban tgk anak bulan ada ke sbb aku dh lama sgt x raya kt msia.huhu.

oh thn ni 5 org wish birthday.a new record!!!siap ada email dr tu.

Hello Granduke,

We at would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

ntah bile aku register pn dh x ingat dah XD.
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